White Corn
White Food Corn

  • Excellent Milling Qualities
  • Consistent Starch Content
  • Hard Endosperm
  • Easy Pericarp Removed
  • Uniform Cooking and Good Yield
  • Gluten Free
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Available Options
  • Non-GMO Seed
  • Sunny State Non-GMO protocol
  • Approved Pesticides Used
  • Approved Herbicides Used
  • Commercial Fertilizers Allowed
  • No restriction/time from prior land uses of chemicals
  • Non-GMO is NOT Organic
  • Identity may be preserved if contracted
  • Seed Saved by Farmer or Families for a Generation or More
  • Seed Saved Each Year for Next Year's Planting
  • Farmer-Selected to Improve Yield, Drought Tolerance, Climate Adaptability
  • Open-pollinated
  • Generally, Corn is Soft Endosperm
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable and Secure Food and Seed Source for Small Farms
  • May Exhibit Various Colors
  • Unique Taste
  • Can be Organically Grown
  • Variability from Lot-to-Lot, Year-to-Year
  • GMO — May have Several GMO Traits for Improved Yield, Disease Resistance, Climate Adaptability, Insect Resistance
  • Pesticides Used in Production
  • Herbicides Used in Production
  • Commercial Fertilizers Used in Production
  • Cheaper Due to Use of Chemicals to Replace Traditional Labor, Machinery, and Tillage inputs
  • Often Comingled from Many Producers in Large Facilities
  • Identity is Not Preserved